Highwire Vineyard

Wines From This Vineyard

2021 Hartford Highwire Vineyard Zinfandel


"Consistently distinctive cracked white pepper nuances differentiate the Highwire single-vineyard from our other Zinfandel bottlings. Concentrated licorice, blackberry, and boysenberry fruit aromas and flavors are also a signature of this vineyard, which complement the dark chocolate and sappy dark fruit nuances that linger in the youthful finish." - Jeff Stewart & Tiaan Lordan, Winemakers




Over 100 years old, the Highwire Vineyard takes its name from the vineyard’s trellising systems: half of the parcel is head-trained and half is trained on a high wire trellis strung between each vine. This trellising method was implemented by the previous vineyard owner, Lloyd and Dee Chelli to permit greater sun exposure and promote even ripening. Both sections of the vineyard are harvested and aged separately to ensure that we capture all characteristics of the Highwire Vineyard Zinfandel. Cool nights in the Russian River Valley help retain bright acidity, while double sorting removes less ripe berries and raisins, retaining a fresh fruit focus.

The Chelli family cares deeply for the old vines behind their home. Their dedicated approach to farming is reflected in the character of the wine produced from their vineyard. Hartford Family Winery purchased the Highwire Vineyard from the Chelli’s in 2018, and Lloyd and Dee still live on the property and watch over this historic vineyard every day!

Highwire Vineyard