Farming to Show Vineyard Character

Grape clusters

The Hartford family farms its vineyards to allow the vineyards to display characteristics that are unique to their sites.


We have performed in-depth soils analyses of each of our vineyards. Different soils have been identified and vineyards were mapped into small blocks at the time of planting. Farming practices and rootstock/clonal selections are then tailored to the soils and other environmental conditions. Our goal is to allow each specific block within a vineyard to express its optimum, its most distinctive character.

Sustainable Organic Farming

The least invasive farming principles are followed. Organic practices are employed in several of our vineyards.

Less is More

We believe that limited intervention promotes the expression of distinctive vineyard personality and adds to our belief in sustainable farming.

Vine Spacing

The vines are tightly spaced (from 4 by 6 feet to 5 by 8 feet, depending on location). We believe that tight spacing encourages competition among vines, promotes smaller cluster and berry size, and accentuates the intensity of our wines.

Low Yields

We believe low yields generally produce more intense concentrated flavors and textures. Our vineyards typically yield from as little as .75 tons per acre to 3 tons per acre.

Dry Farming

Several of our established vineyards are not irrigated. We feel that over-watering of vines produces more crop but dilutes flavors.

Harvest by Taste

We harvest when the flavors are right. We do not harvest our grapes based solely on brix readings or testing in the lab.

We consider such measurements to be valuable, but at Hartford Family Winery, we harvest our grapes when we judge, by tasting, that sugars, tannins, acids — and most importantly flavors — are all optimal.