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Ordering Hartford Family Wines

Order via our online Shop Wines catalog (complete with tasting notes and acclaim) or browse each wines individual pages for more detailed information on each vintage.

Order by phone at (800) 588-0234.

Due to the restrictions of many state laws, we only ship wine to those states where direct shipment is permitted by law.

In addition, each state imposes limitations on the amount of wine any particular adult state resident may receive by direct shipment. To ensure that you are able to order wine for direct shipment from our website, please consult the specific state requirements for your state below. If your shipment is affected by this law, we will contact you.

At the present time, we ship to the following states:

  • Alaska - No limitations. (shipping is prohibited in dry areas)
  • California - No limitations.
  • Colorado - No limitations.
  • Connecticut - Two (2) cases every two months.
  • District of Columbia - One (1) case per month.
  • Florida - No limitations.
  • Georgia - Twelve (12) cases per household per year.
  • Hawaii - Six (6) cases per year per household.
  • Idaho - Two (2) cases per shipment; cannot exceed 24 cases per year.
  • Illinois - Twelve (12) cases per year.
  • Iowa - No limitations.
  • Kansas - Twelve (12) cases per consumer per year.
  • Maine - Twelve (12) cases per household per year.
  • Maryland - Eighteen (18) cases per household per year.
  • Michigan - 1,500 cases per year.
  • Minnesota - Two (2) cases per year.
  • Missouri - Two (2) cases per month.
  • Nebraska - One (1) case per month.
  • Nevada - Twelve (12) cases per year.
  • New Hampshire - Twelve (12) cases per household per year.
  • New Mexico - Two (2) cases per person per month.
  • New York - Thirty-six (36) cases per year.
  • North Carolina - Two (2) cases per month.
  • North Dakota - Three (3) cases per month.
  • Oregon - Two (2) cases per month.
  • South Carolina - Two (2) cases per month.
  • Tennessee- Three (3) cases per year.
  • Texas - 1 case per month no more then 4 cases per year.
  • Vermont - Twelve (12) cases per year.
  • Virginia - Two (2) cases per month.
  • Washington - No limitations.
  • West Virginia - Two (2) cases per month.
  • Wisconsin - 12 cases per year.
  • Wyoming - Two (2) cases per year.

Please note that all orders must be placed by persons over the age of 21 years, and that age verification will be required upon receipt of your wine. No wine will be delivered to visibly intoxicated persons and any person unable to provide age verification will forfeit their right to receive the shipment until identification is produced. In such circumstances the order may either be held in storage at a local depot of the shipping company until appropriate identification is produced, or shipped back to the winery. All associated costs will be the responsibility of and be charged to the customer.

State and county tax will be added where applicable.

*Residents of AZ, DE, MT, NJ, OK, RI, SD must be present at winery to order wines for shipment to these states.

Wine Club Members receive a 15% discount on Hartford label wines. Orders placed on the web by Wine Club Members will receive the discount at time of processing at the winery.

Non-Club members receive a 10% case discount for Hartford label wines. Hartford Court wines build for case discounts but are net priced. State and county tax will be added where applicable.

This information is not intended to solicit orders where such solicitations and/or orders are prohibited by law.

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